May-Modal Auxiliary Verb-(40 Sentences-Answers)

Translation from Gujarati to English - 40 Sentence of  Modal Auxiliary Verb 'MAY' (Questions:)

Turn into English:

  1. This plant may not grow.
  2. Students may not come om Monday.
  3. They may not make/build a new house.
  4. Pakistan may not free the fishermen.
  5. Purvi may not selecte Pankaj.
  6. She may not invite you.
  7. Madhuri may not work in films now.
  8. She may not complain in police.
  9. He may not accept your talks/matter.
  10. The principal may not agree with the teachers.
  11. He may marry Rekha
  12. We may go to Mumbai tomorrow.
  13. It may rain.
  14. You may be right.
  15. Soniyaji may be/become the prime minister.
  16. We may take Audi next month.
  17. The third world war may take place.
  18. Sir may arrange the tour.
  19. Amirkhan may meet to Ajay.
  20. We may go to learn computer.
  21. May I come in?
  22. May we see your book?
  23. May she take your book?
  24. May I switch on a computer?
  25. May he take your car?
  26. May students go to play cricket?
  27. May I wear your dress?
  28. May we go now?
  29. May Juhi play the harmonium?
  30. May Tanya learn beauty parlour?
  31. May good protect you!
  32. May you be the leader!
  33. May she be the miss world!
  34. May you be a doctor!
  35. May all the student get through!
  36. May god save/protect from you!
  37. May your new year be happy!
  38. May god fulfill your wishes!
  39. May you live long!
  40. May god give wisdom to people!