Active to Passive Exercise

Turn into Passive Voice: (Questions:)

1. We are given home work by sir daily. OR
Home work is given to us by sir daily..
2. Video lessons are sent on WhatsApp by Kishan sir.
3. English is learnt by us in Angel Class.
4. Kites are flown by you daily.
5. 100 questions are solved by him daily.
6. Her children are prepared by her for school.
7. My students are loved by me.
8. A password is forgotten by them sometimes.
9. Panipuris are liked by girls.
10. Oxygen is liberated by trees during a day.
11. Light and heat is given by the sun.
12. A TV is watched by Maheshwari till late at night.
13. Kabaddi is played by boys on the school play ground.
14. Small fish is eaten by big fish.
15. Everything is sold by a hawker.
16. Gugarati songs aren't sung by Sunidhi.
17. Brad isn't beaten by Angelina daily.
18. Shahrukh isn't hated by Salman and Kaitrina.
19. Wisdom isn't sent by god daily.
20. We aren't made knowledgeable by a library
21. Grass isn't eaten by a lion.
22. Intelligence isn't sold by this shopkeeper.
23. Stones aren't thrown to beggars by us.
24. Schools aren't liked by children.
25. Home work isn't done regularly by students.
26. Is the meaning of WhatsApp known by you ?
27. Are the innocent punished by god?
28. Am I ever supported by you?
29. Are you scolded by your wife?
30. Is golf ever played by the Prime Minister?
31. Is yourself loved by you?
32. Are answers of all the questions known to/by Big B?
33. Are all the videos watched by you on WhatsApp daily?
34. Is English grammar taught systematically by Kishan sir ?
35. Are our elders respected by us?